Surviving a DOL Wage & Labor Audit

In the world of hospitality, the potential for Department of Labor (DOL) wage and labor audits can be a looming threat that keeps business owners up at night. The intricacies of labor laws and regulations, coupled with the diverse and often transient workforce in this industry, make hospitality businesses particularly susceptible to audits. However, surviving these audits and thriving in the face of regulatory scrutiny is not just a possibility; it’s a reality with the right preparation.

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On Tuesday, January 16th at 2pm, we will be hosting a webinar about DOL Wage and Labor audits, and tips for survival!

We are thrilled to be joined by Ana Maria Rogers, our esteemed local DOL investigator.  She will be providing her insights on DOL audits.  

We will be discussing:


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Guide to DOL Audits

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Embarking on a Department of Labor (DOL) wage and labor audit is an opportunity for businesses to showcase their adherence to best practices. This guide is your helpful companion, offering clear insights and actionable steps that position your organization for success. Whether you’re fortifying your operations in anticipation or have recently been informed of an upcoming review, our comprehensive guide ensures you have the knowledge and confidence to smoothly journey through the DOL audit process.

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