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Niki and Staff from South Paw Case Study

Success Stories: Transforming Payroll & HR for Local Businesses

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Netting Success: How Pepper's Landing Hooked Efficiency with Paper Trails

Who is Pepper's Landing?

Pepper’s Landing is a restaurant with multiple locations known for its focus on fresh seafood and a friendly dining environment. The menu, which emphasizes local ingredients, appeals to seafood lovers and offers a range of options for all diners. Pepper’s Landing prides itself on quality and a connection to the local community, making it a popular choice for both residents and visitors.

Ian Miller from Peppers Landing talks about a payroll and HR case study

Before working with Paper Trails, we were a bit of a number. Dealing with big box providers, we couldn't get the answers to questions we had. The team at Paper Trails provides a more of a personal touch and tells us know exactly what we need, when we need it.

Challenges they were facing

Before switching to Paper Trails for their payroll and HR needs, Pepper’s Landing faced several challenges:

The service received from their former provider lacked customization and a personal connection. This impersonal approach made it difficult for Pepper's Landing to feel understood and valued as a client. The one-size-fits-all service model failed to meet their unique business needs, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction and the desire for a more tailored experience.

Engaging with their previous service provider proved challenging, as responses to inquiries and requests for support were often slow. This lack of timely communication led to prolonged resolutions of payroll and HR issues, causing frustration and potential compliance risks, as immediate concerns could not be addressed promptly.

A significant amount of time was dedicated to researching and resolving payroll discrepancies and issues. This not only diverted attention from core operational activities but also placed an unnecessary burden on their administrative staff. The need to independently investigate and rectify payroll concerns underscored the lack of effective support and guidance from their service provider, making payroll management an arduous and inefficient task.

The initial process for integrating new employees into their system was inefficient and fraught with challenges. The onboarding experience was not only time-consuming for HR staff but also overwhelming for new hires, impacting their first impressions of the organization. The lack of streamlined procedures and supportive resources contributed to an onboarding experience that was less welcoming and more administrative in nature.

Pepper's Landing found themselves at a disadvantage due to a scarcity of educational materials and resources on payroll management and HR best practices from their previous provider. This gap left the restaurant to navigate complex regulatory environments and payroll processes without adequate support, leading to a higher risk of errors and non-compliance.

What Paper Trails improved

We provided tailored solutions to address the challenges Pepper’s Landing faced with their previous payroll and HR provider:

As with all of our clients, we established a direct line of communication with a dedicated payroll and HR expert.  This ensures timely responses to all inquiries and support requests. Our dedicated experts provide proactive updates and are readily available to address any issues, significantly reducing resolution times and improving overall satisfaction.

Engaging with their previous service provider proved challenging, as responses to inquiries and requests for support were often slow. This lack of timely communication led to prolonged resolutions of payroll and HR issues, causing frustration and potential compliance risks, as immediate concerns could not be addressed promptly.

By optimizing their payroll processes, we were able to significantly reduce the time Pepper's Landing's staff spent researching and resolving payroll issues. Our intuitive payroll system, coupled with expert oversight, ensured accuracy and compliance, freeing their team to focus on more strategic business activities. This solution not only alleviated the administrative burden but also enhanced operational efficiency across the board.

By introducing an efficient, and mobile-friendly onboarding process tailored to Pepper's Landing's requirements, we were able to make the entire onboarding experience quicker and more engaging. This not only saved time for the HR department but also made a positive first impression on new hires.

We supplied Pepper's Landing with a wealth of resources and educational materials on payroll and HR best practices. Our monthly training sessions and easy-to-access online content equipped their team with the knowledge to navigate payroll and HR tasks with confidence. This support helped mitigate risks and fostered a culture of continuous improvement within their HR practices.

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Streamlined Cuts: Sharpening Payroll Precision at Southpaw Packing

Who is Southpaw Packing?

Southpaw Packing distinguishes itself in the meat packing and butchering industry through the exceptional expertise and commitment of its founders, Nichole and Leon Sargent.  Together, their dedication to maintaining high operation standards and superior production practices sets Southpaw Packing apart, making it a unique and trusted name in the industry. Their combined efforts have positioned Southpaw Packing not just as a business, but as a testament to the art and science of butchery in the Northeast.

Nichole Sargent Southpaw Packing

Paper Trails has changed my daily routine by cutting my payroll time down to just 15 minutes per week!

Challenges they were facing

With their previous payroll vendor, Southpaw Packing encountered several challenges such as:

The company's HR processes were cumbersome and time-consuming. This inefficiency diverted Nichole's attention from focusing on day-to-day operations. The general administration timekeeping and onboarding as well as finding appropriate documents was particular difficult.

Southpaw Packing struggled with accurately tracking and managing PTO requests, leading to discrepancies and dissatisfaction among employees. Their previous system lacked the capability to efficiently record, approve, and update PTO balances, causing administrative headaches and potential conflicts due to inaccuracies.

Keeping up with the latest labor laws and ensuring compliance was a constant challenge. With regulations frequently changing, Southpaw Packing found it difficult to stay informed and adjust their policies accordingly. This lack of compliance put them at risk of legal penalties and cloud potentially damage their reputation as an employer.

Managing workers' compensation claims was complex and fraught with issues. Southpaw Packing faced challenges in correctly calculating premiums, dealing with claims, and ensuring that their policies were in line with state regulations.

The company found it challenging to effectively address and manage the diverse needs of their employees. From answering HR-related queries to clocking in and managing paid time off, the lack of a structured system resulted in delayed responses and unresolved issues, impacting employee morale.

What Paper Trails improved

We provided tailored solutions to address the challenges Southpaw faced with their previous payroll and HR provider:

By automating and HR operations, from employee onboarding to record-keeping, we significantly reduced the administrative burden for Southpaw Packing. Our platform streamlined these processes, making them more efficient and allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than being bogged down by paperwork.

We implemented an automated PTO tracking system, allowing employees to request time off digitally and managers to approve it swiftly. This system ensures accuracy in PTO balances, enhances transparency, and improves employee satisfaction by eliminating discrepancies and administrative delays.

Our experts in labor laws provide Southpaw Packing with up-to-date compliance support. We continuously monitor changes in legislation and automatically update our systems and provide education to reflect these changes, ensuring that Southpaw Packing remains compliant with minimal effort on their part.

We introduced a more efficient system for handling workers' compensation, including accurate premium calculations and streamlined claims processing. Our solution helped Southpaw Packing save over $10,000 in workers' comp premiums!

Our tools provided Southpaw Packing with a better way to manage employee inquiries and needs. Our centralized platform offers employees self-service options for common queries like requesting time off, download paystubs and more to simplify the process for submitting and tracking  requests. This empowerment leads to quicker resolutions, higher employee satisfaction, and a more engaged workforce.

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