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Enhance your organization’s learning programs and employee career advancement

Learn and grow gives you the power of a learning management system integrated within your employee experience platform.

Drive continuous learning and training while keeping your employees engaged and your business compliant

A lack of investment in employee education, engagement and learning opportunities is influencing employee recruitment and retention. While custom learning content, employee training cost and a dispersed workforce have deterred many companies in the past from implementing learning development into their organization’s foundation, one thing is certain - employees are expecting more from their employers and learning is at the top of their list.

Enhance your organization’s online learning programs with learn and grow, an end-to-end learning management software (LMS) that drives continuous learning and training, all while keeping your employees engaged and your business compliant. This learn and grow platform is intelligent learning simplified.

Learn and Grow

What’s included

Ensure employees are up to date in courses that are important for their jobs.

Offer learning as a benefit to your employees to boost skills or learn new ones.

Make sure your team is up to date with the latest compliance courses and training.

Upload your own customized content and sessions, tailored to your business and industry while ensuring content is always fresh, relevant and updated.

Use gamification for rewards and recognition to encourage adoption and continued use.

Use learn and grow today!

To increase your employees’ knowledge.

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Easy-to-use solutions with online access.

Straightforward, accessible HR support for businesses like yours.

Guidance and insights from local and dedicated HR professionals.

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The team at Paper Trails keeps my employee experience in line so I can focus on what we do best, digging holes and mowing lawns.

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Payroll Services

Customized payroll management from local experts who understand Maine business.

Expert and integrated payroll to improve the employee life-cycle.

Collect and manage employee time customized to your needs.

Reduce administrative burden, improve financial health, and boost employee satisfaction with an accessible and adaptable expense process.

Human Resources Solutions

Straightforward, accessible HR support for businesses like yours.

Online open enrollment and benefits tracking integrated with payroll and your benefits providers.

License and certificate tracking, performance reviews, and a comprehensive HR answer center.

Attract and hire the best candidates to bolster your team.

You handle the work. We’ll handle the paperwork.

We’ll stay in the weeds to manage your payroll, Human Resources, and compliance needs.