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Benefits administration & open enrollment

End-to-end benefits enrollment and administration that improves both employee and administrative experiences.

Enroll with Ease: Simplifying Benefits Management

Managing benefits is now simpler than ever with Paper Trails. We handle the setup of all your benefit plans, streamline open enrollment, and manage deductions system-wide. Moreover, we facilitate seamless connections and integration with insurance carriers, guaranteeing that every enrollment and life event is accurately relayed to the carrier.

Simplifying your clients lives

How benefits integration works

Ensure a smooth benefits integration process from enrollment to ongoing management, streamlining setup, automating enrollments and deductions, and facilitating accurate data exchange with insurance carriers.

Custom built benefit integrations

Paper Trails will build out your clients' unique benefit plans and set up direct carrier integrations. This direct feed removes manual contribution or reconcilitation to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Mobile friendly open enrollment

Eligible employees can easily enroll in company benefits via a computer or their mobile device. This can occur during open enrollment, new employee onboarding, or when a life event happens.

Direct reporting capabilities

Paper Trails diligently monitors employee thresholds, tracking and reporting on essential compliance topics such as ACA and COBRA, ensuring your business remains compliant with all regulations.

Real businesses. Real solutions.

Maine payroll and hr services testimonial - chiropractor
From start to finish, the team at Paper Trails keeps my finances in order in a professional and fun way.

Dr. Tim Coffin, Slocum Chiropractic

Maine payroll and HR customer testimonial - Brian
The team at Paper Trails keeps my employee experience in line so I can focus on what we do best, digging holes and mowing lawns.

Brian Cloutier, Greenscapes of Maine

You handle the work. We’ll handle the paperwork.

We’ll stay in the weeds to manage your payroll, Human Resources, and compliance needs.
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