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New Employee Payroll Setup

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Utilize electronic new hire onboarding or complete this paperwork and enter it into isolved or submit it securely to your payroll processor.

We strongly encourage direct deposit for all employees. Paper Trails no longer changes direct deposit changes on behalf of employees. Direct deposit scams and fraud are on the rise!


The most secure way for an employee to change their direct deposit account is to do so themselves through our secure payroll system. Changing direct deposit accounts is very easy for employees to do through or as an admin through isolved. isolved uses enhanced security and multifactor authentication to prevent fraudulent access.


You can learn more about direct deposit fraud here


How admins can change employee direct deposit information.


Here’s how employees can change their own direct deposit information.

Do your employees use online employee self-service?


Download instructions on how they can activate their isolved self-service account and access

All new employees must complete a Federal and State W-4 form to indicate their withholding preferences.
Federal W-4
Maine W-4
We also recommend each employee review their W-4 at least annually to ensure they are withholding the appropriate taxes.

Learn about the new W4 :

The New W4

All new employees must complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Form to ensure they are eligible to work in the United States. Keep this form for your records. Employers may also participate in E-Verify to electronically verify Employment Eligibility as part of electronic new hire onboarding.

I-9 Form

Watch the tutorial below on how to add a new employee into isolved

Watch the tutorial below on how admins can update direct deposit info

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