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Secure your clients’ futures with a customized retirement plan, ensuring eligibility, enrollment, reporting and year-end auditing are complete and accurate.
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Building Stronger Futures: Our Partnership in Retirement Planning

Many employers find it challenging to stay compliant with the intricate requirements of retirement plans. At Paper Trails, we assist our clients in efficiently managing the complexities of retirement planning. This includes customizing plans and integrating with providers to make their lives easier.

Simplifying your clients' lives

Integrate your retirement plan directly into our system for customized rule adherence to plan specifications. This ensures employees can only contribute after meeting all eligibility criteria.

Every payroll cycle, we reconcile payroll deferrals and employer contributions against plan specifications, significantly reducing the need for year-end adjustments.

Our platform offers seamless integrations with a broad range of retirement providers, facilitating the automatic transmission of wages and contributions each payroll cycle. This guarantees consistent employer contributions without oversight.

Generate custom census reports and exports through our system to support precise annual compliance testing and streamline the preparation of Form 5500.

What does an integration look like?

Paper Trails currently offers integrations with over 120 retirement providers nationwide.  These integrations provide either 180 (one way) or 360 (full cycle) communication with providers to eliminate the need for manual contributions each pay cycle.

Financial advisors often seek payroll integration to enhance retirement plan management for their clients. This service connects the company’s payroll system directly with retirement accounts, automating contributions, employer matches, and transfers.


The first step is for the clients' financial advisor to reach out to the recordkeeper of the plan and request to begin a payroll integration with Paper Trails.


Paper Trails handles the setup and testing of payroll integration. This process can take several weeks to months depending on the recordkeeper and their process.


The launch of the integration signifies the activation of a direct, operational link that enables a seamless, real-time exchange of payroll and retirement data.


Every pay cycle triggers an automated direct feed to the retirement provider, transmitting calculated employee contributions and employer matches securely.

Who do we integrate with?

Paper Trails integrates with over 120 carriers including:

*Paper Trails can work with other retirement vendor to establish an integration.*

Let’s work together.

We work with trusted advisors just like you–CPAs and enrolled agents, health and workers’ comp brokers, TPAs, and financial advisors–to make sure the power of client data serves all parties involved in running clients’ businesses successfully.
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