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Payroll & HR for growing businesses

Personalized payroll and HR solutions to assist your growing business maintain its’ infrastructure, navigate government regulations, and improve its’ financial health.

Growing a business comes with additional payroll and human resource responsibilities.

payroll and Hr for growing businesses

Growing and large businesses with more than 100 employees need a cloud-based Human Capital Management solution that offers convenience, reliability, and security. We offer a system that allows businesses to fully integrate all of the HR compliance issues that come with scaling a business. From adhering to additional labor laws to working through employee needs, we are here to help your business thrive.

By further integrating your payroll with our comprehensive HCM platform, you not only save your employees valuable time and frustration, but save your business money. Our full suite of HR tools and services allow large companies to not worry about running the business and gives them the freedom do what they do best – working the business.
In addition to our payroll services, larger businesses can take advantage of the following:

Recruiting & Onboarding

isolved Attract & Hire can scale your team quickly, source remote candidates, or reach diverse talent. Integrated onboarding keeps the process manageable and stressfree.

What’s Included:

Post open positions online, review applications, schedule interviews, and send job offers—all on one platform.
Provides access controls, candidate notes and ratings, sharing and other tools to enable collaboration for the full hiring team throughout the process.
Save time and resources and ditch the heavy onboarding packet. Payroll information and tax documents are completed online so employees can begin working and tracking time on day one.
Use the E-Verify online system to check employee eligibility to work in the U.S.
Streamline the performance review process. Create positions and competencies, set approval tiers, invite managers to collaborate, and track the status of reviews—all online.

Benefits Administration

Employees save time and managers reduce headaches of the benefit enrollment and management process with integrated online solutions that are simple to navigate and maintain compliance.

What’s Included:

From health & dental insurance to retirement and life insurance, all benefits plans can be built with costs, eligibility, and benefits right into the system.
Employees can access available benefits and fill out applications for benefits enrollment all online.
Once approved, benefits enrollments can be compiled in a customized report or sent to your benefits carrier via a direct carrier feed for administrative ease.
Businesses with over 50 employees need to adhere to ACA guidelines. We offer complete compliance tracking for ACA eligibility, tracking and year-end reporting.

Expense Management

Enable employees to submit expense reimbursement requests according to your company expense policy with automated approvals and payout via weekly payroll.

What’s Included:

Expenses automatically flow directly to payroll after approval for employee reimbursement reducing manual entry and errors.
Minimize the time between incurred expense and reimbursement to the employee by empowering employees to manage and track their own expenditures from a system that can be accessed from anywhere.
Require expenses to have a digital receipt and all pertinent information in one centralized location to manage expenses accurately and stay compliant.

Expense allocation will allow for reimbursements to go from entry to General Ledger (GL) without intervention.

Human Resource Management & Compliance

Growing businesses need to be manage a large number of employees and keep their infrastructure in tact. Provide your HR staff with the tools needed to allow your business to thrive!

What’s Included:

HR templates, policies, and handbooks fit to your needs, and on-call HR experts are available.
Deploy, shuffle and re-assign employees quickly and easily. Visibility into team performance, costs and engagement are essential so that informed decisions can be made rapidly and allows large organizations to learn, react and improve team output efficiently.
Complete records of employee licenses, certifications, education & training, emergency contacts, and company-owned equipment.
Managers and supervisors can be given as much or as little access to employee & HR data as desired.
Scale, adjust, customize and deploy any aspect of the HCM platform with ease.

Take advantage of all of the payroll and HR tools for growing your business!


We began with Paper Trails at the beginning of 2020 and have never once regretted the decision. Jeff, Chris, and Teresa have all made the process amazingly seamless which has let us focus on so many other important things to continue to grow our business. Paper Trails has saved me countless hours and headaches over the last 2 years. Congdon’s Doughnuts is better equipped for future growth thanks to Paper Trails.

Jillian Shomphe, Congdon's Doughnuts

The tools that Paper Trails provides to me and my employees improve our HR processes and keeps my team engaged in providing world-class service to our guests.

German Lucarelli, The Lost Fire

Payroll Services

Customized payroll management from local experts who understand Maine business.

Expert and integrated payroll to improve the employee life-cycle.

Collect and manage employee time customized to your needs.

Reduce administrative burden, improve financial health, and boost employee satisfaction with an accessible and adaptable expense process.

Human Resources Solutions

Straightforward, accessible HR support for businesses like yours.

Online open enrollment and benefits tracking integrated with payroll and your benefits providers.

License and certificate tracking, performance reviews, and a comprehensive HR answer center.

Attract and hire the best candidates to bolster your team.