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Small Business Big World Episode 10: How to Sell Your Small Business – An interview with Nick Wright

This is Small Business Big World, our weekly podcast prepared by the team at Paper Trails. Owning and running a small business is hard. Each week we’ll dive into the challenges, headaches, trends, fun and excitement of running a small business. After all, small businesses are the heartbeat of America and our team is here to keep them beating.

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Do you own a small business? If so, at some point you may be faced with the task of selling your business.  You may be selling your small business to a completely new owner due to your retirement, passing it to a family member who will continue the family brand, or maybe you are just run down and ready for a different venture.  This process can seem overwhelming for many business owners.  If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. The decision to part ways with a business you’ve run for years can be emotional.

At Paper Trails, we understand the challenges and questions that come along with selling a small business. That’s why in this episode of Small Business Big World, we guide you through the process with former small business owner Nick Wright.  This episode will help alleviate your fears and headaches that come with this decision and process. Our mission is simple: to empower small business owners like you with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the complex world of business.

Understanding the decision to sell your small business

The decision to sell a small business is not one to be taken lightly. Many business owners are overwhelmed by the emotion of the decision.  They can feel anything from excitement about the prospect of starting a new adventure to sadness about saying goodbye to something they’ve worked many years to build. In this episode, we explore the various factors that may influence your decision to sell, from personal reasons to market trends. We’ll also discuss how to assess the value of your business and determine if the timing is right for a sale. By the end of the podcast, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the process of selling your small business.

Preparing your business for sale

Once you’ve made the tough decision to sell, the next step is to prepare your business for the market. Nick suggests taking a close look at your financials and cleaning up your operations.  It is like improving your business’s curb appeal, so to speak.

Next, Nick walks us through the steps of preparing your business for sale, from organizing your financial records to enhancing your company’s value proposition. We also discuss the importance of confidentiality during the sale process and how to navigate the balance of keeping the potential sale from the public before it becomes official.

Navigating the sales process

With your small business prepped and ready to go, next comes the sales process. This stage can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, as you field inquiries from prospective buyers and negotiate the terms of the sale.

In this section of the conversation with Nick, we break down the sales process into different phases, from marketing your business to conducting due diligence with potential buyers. We also discuss the importance of having a skilled team of professionals, including lawyers and financial advisors, by your side to guide you through the negotiation process.

Closing the deal and moving forward

As the negotiation of selling a business progresses, it’s essential to stay focused and keep your eyes on the end result. Closing the deal is a celebratory moment, marking the end of one chapter of your life and the beginning of a new adventure for you and your family.  In this portion of the podcast episode, we chat with Nick about the steps involved in closing the deal.  These entail everything from finalizing the sale agreement to handing over the keys to the new owner. Nick also offers tips for the aftermath of selling your business and moving forward.

Conclusion: you’re not alone

Selling a small business may seem overwhelming for many, but remember, you’re not alone. At Paper Trails, we’re here to support you every step of the way, offering guidance and expertise.  This podcast episode with Nick is an extension of that support.

By following the advice outlined in this interview, you can navigate the journey of selling your small business with confidence and peace of mind. So, take a deep breath, trust in yourself, and know that exciting opportunities await on the other side. You’ve got this!

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