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investigating harassment claim

Investigating harassment claims

There are many conflicts that can happen between employees in the workplace. One instance that may occur is when one employee files an harassment claim against a coworker.  In this situation, it is important for the employer to know how to proceed.  Let’s take a look at what you should

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What do I need to include in my employee handbook?

What do I need to include in my employee handbook? With evolving HR compliance topics and employee demands constantly evolving, having an employee handbook is as important as ever. Not only should a business have an employee handbook, it is important to include as much information as possible. So, you

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Updating your handbook

Update your company handbook around the holidays In today’s ever-changing business landscape, an outdated handbook can be a liability. This is particularly true in the post-COVID world, as many employees are working remotely. Multistate employers with a widely-dispersed workforce face additional compliance challenges over those operating in one state. Let’s

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Writing an employee handbook

At the core of any successful business, is a detailed and complete employee handbook. While it may be difficult to find the necessary time it takes to create human resource policies for your business, skipping this process can open your business to potential future compliance issues. Let us take a

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