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Performance Based Compensation

There are many ways to motivate your employees. Offering competitive pay, a strong benefit package and an inclusive work culture promote employee engagement. Another way to push your employees to produce results is to offer them a performance based compensation package. Continue reading for more information and best practices on

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What is employee onboarding?

Every business with at least one employee has an employee onboarding process. Small companies may only have a two-step process while larger companies may have a multi-step complex process. This process is critical to the success and engagement of your employees. Let’s take a look at what employee onboarding is.

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Employee Retention Practices

One of the most difficult challenges facing businesses today is employee retention. Employees are leaving their current companies for better opportunities in record numbers. This turnover can cause headaches in the day-to-day operations of any business. Other employees need to pick up the extra workload while new hires are interviewed,

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tips for hiring and retaining strong employees

Tips for Hiring and Retaining Strong Employees

In today’s times, hiring and employee retention are not easy tasks for any company.  Below are a few areas, in which you can focus your time and energy, to increase your chances of attracting and retaining strong employees.   Creating a hiring and onboarding plan for my business. A detailed

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