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DOL Wage and Labor Audit

What is a DOL Wage and Labor Audit?

Navigating the complexities of labor laws can be daunting for small business owners and HR managers. At one point or another, businesses may go through an audit by the state Department of Labor. This phrase, the the DOL wage and labor audit, may send shivers down your spine. Here, we’ll

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Do I have to pay interns?

Do I have to pay interns?

Employers across many industries may considering hiring interns for their business. Interns can be a valuable asset, especially during short busy times of the year. There are benefits to interns for both the intern and the employer. However, you may be wondering, “do I have to pay interns?” At Paper

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unpaid day off to an exempt employee

Am I able to give an unpaid day off to an exempt employee?

With the ever-changing landscape of business regulations, it can be challenging for employers to navigate what they are permitted to do and what is off-limits. That’s where Paper Trails comes in. As experts in compliance, we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours stay on the right side of the

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comp time

Can we use comp time with our employees?

Time off plans are a great fringe benefit for employers to offer employees to foster employee engagement and retainment.  When it comes to time off, there are numerous different types of plans.  In this article, we will take a look at comp time and if an employer can use comp

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Labor Law Poster requirements

Labor Law Poster Requirements

The list of compliance requirements that employers are challenged with is extensive. One of the basic regulations in this long list of requirements is in regards to labor law posters and how businesses must deal with them. Federal and state governments require businesses to display certain labor law posters in

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DOL Releases Final Salary/Overtime Rule

The Department of Labor has announced the new minimum salary for certain exempt white collar employees. The final rule is very close to the proposed rule we reported on in March. The new minimums will take effect January 1, 2020.

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