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What to do when an employee gives their notice

What to do when an employee gives their notice

It is unavoidable for every business owner to experience an employee giving their notice at some point or another. This situation can sometimes be challenging for employers to navigate.  Other times it can unexpectedly turn into a hidden opportunity. Let’s explore the necessary steps to take when an employee gives

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job offer letter

What should I include in an offer letter?

When it comes to human resource related tasks, hiring and onboarding employees is a critical piece to business success.  There are many steps in the process.  Some of these steps include sourcing talent, interviewing applicants, writing a job offer, onboarding employees and training new hires.  In this article, we will

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restaurant unemployment claim

How can I manage unemployment claims?

There are many challenges to operating a business. Rising product and labor costs, employee turnover rates and additional payroll and HR compliance topics add to the daily headaches of employers and managers.  One added difficulty that many businesses must navigate includes unemployment claims.  Let’s take a look at some tips

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seasonal worker

What are the best tips for hiring seasonal workers?

Due to the tourist seasons in Maine, many businesses are extremely busy during certain times of the year and slower in other times.  There are also many seasonal employers that only operate in certain seasons.  Either way, seasonal workers are in high demand for most Maine businesses, or those in

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maine child labor laws

What are the top HR challenges for hospitality businesses?

The day-to-day grind of owning or managing a business in the hospitality industry is stressful.  Adding HR related issues such as hiring, employee retention, scheduling, labor laws and more, on top of that can leave owners feeling overwhelmed.  Let’s take a look at the top HR challenges for hospitality businesses,

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what is Employment Tax Increment Financing (ETIF)

What is the Employment Tax Increment Financing Credit?

There are many headaches that come with operating a business.  Hiring and labor costs are right at the top of this list.  Fortunately, there are many lesser known state programs that business can take advantage of to assist them in offsetting some business costs.  One of these lesser known Maine

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How do I hire a temporary employee?

How do I hire a temporary employee? When hiring an employee, a business can categorize them in many different ways. A business can hire an employee as a full-time, part-time, per diem, seasonal, or temporary employee. Each type of employee is used for different scenarios. In this article, we will

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What is the Federal Bonding Program?

The “Great Reshuffle”, caused by the pandemic, has put the stress of hiring and retaining employees on many industries. Consequently, employers are consistently seeking to hire hard working and dedicated individuals. When hiring, many businesses rule out numerous applicants because red flags appear during background checks. The Federal Bonding Program

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Employee Retention Practices

One of the most difficult challenges facing businesses today is employee retention. Employees are leaving their current companies for better opportunities in record numbers. This turnover can cause headaches in the day-to-day operations of any business. Other employees need to pick up the extra workload while new hires are interviewed,

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tips for hiring and retaining strong employees

Tips for Hiring and Retaining Strong Employees

Tips for hiring and retaining strong employees In today’s times, hiring and employee retention are not easy tasks for any company.  Below are a few areas, in which you can focus your time and energy, to increase your chances of attracting and retaining strong employees.   Creating a hiring and

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