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exempt vs non exempt employees

Exempt vs Non Exempt Employees

In the world of employment law, one of the most common mistakes employers make is the misclassification of employees. A report from the U.S. Department of Labor indicates that up to 30% of employers may misclassify their employees. This misstep not only leads to legal complications but also affects the

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DOL Wage and Labor Audit

What is a DOL Wage and Labor Audit?

Navigating the complexities of labor laws can be daunting for small business owners and HR managers. At one point or another, businesses may go through an audit by the state Department of Labor. This phrase, the the DOL wage and labor audit, may send shivers down your spine. Here, we’ll

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How do I calculate blended overtime?

For many businesses, overtime becomes a necessity. While certain strategies can help reduce overtime expenses, there are instances where it’s unavoidable. Calculating standard overtime pay is straightforward, but things get trickier when dealing with employees working multiple roles at varying pay rates. This scenario is known as blended overtime. In

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What is required of a massachusetts employer?

What is required of a Massachusetts employer?

Owning and managing a business is an incredibly rewarding endeavor, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Beyond the day-to-day operations, there are numerous aspects to consider, especially when it comes to human resources and compliance. As an employer in Massachusetts, it’s crucial to navigate both state

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top questions

The Top Payroll Questions Your Employees Will Ask You

As a business owner, HR director or office manager, you are bound to get asked question after question about your company’s policies and payroll practices.  Continue reading to learn the important questions an employee will ask you and how you can answer them. What is the difference between gross and

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DOL Releases Final Salary/Overtime Rule

The Department of Labor has announced the new minimum salary for certain exempt white collar employees. The final rule is very close to the proposed rule we reported on in March. The new minimums will take effect January 1, 2020.

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