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maine paid family medical leave

What is Maine Paid Family Medical Leave?

Another compliance challenge is coming for Maine business owners.  Recently, Maine legislatures passed funding for a new Maine Paid Family Medical Leave program.  Soon Maine will become the latest state to enact such a program.  Maine’s program is set to be one of the broadest and most generous paid family and

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differences between short and long term disability

Short vs long-term disability

Managing employee leave is a significant challenge for human resources departments, especially for small to medium-sized employers. With the various types of leave, such as short-term and long-term disability, business owners and HR professionals can be easily overwhelmed.  That’s why, in this article, we will look at the differences between

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Military leave

How do we pay employees on military leave?

There are many different types of leave that employees are able to take.  This includes state-mandated earned paid leave, sick leave, sabbaticals, and even military leave.  Each of the different leaves come with different requirements.  In this article, let’s take a look at how businesses should pay employees that are

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What is Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)?

What is PFML? Your employees may encounter a situation where they have to take time off from work to care for, or deal with, a medical situation. As an employer, are you allowed to terminate an employee after a certain period of missed time? Are you required to pay employees

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