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unlimited PTO

What is Unlimited PTO?

When debating a job offer, most employees consider the benefits offered as a huge part of the final decision.  In fact, according to a study by PeopleKeep, 93% of employees consider paid time off as a highly important company perk.  That’s why in this article, we dive into the world

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Work life balance

How do I encourage employees to set work – life boundaries?

Why is work – life balance important? Most employees strive to achieve and surpass the goals and expectations that their managers set for them.  Often times, this desire to outperform expectations results in what is known as burnout.  You are dedicated to the organization by being the hardest worker.  This

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Maine’s Earned Paid Leave Law

 Maine’s Earned Paid Leave Law Many states have already enacted legislation, or are in the process of putting legislation into place, regarding earned paid leave for employees. Whether or not your state requires you to offer earned leave, it is a great benefit to offer and will help in

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Paid time off

Best Practices for PTO Benefits

One of the best ways to maintain a high level of employee engagement and retainment is by offering a competitive benefits package. Furthermore, having a strong company paid time off policy is key to ensure that your company remains highly regarded in the eyes of current employees and potential applicants.

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