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State-mandated vs Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans

State-mandated vs Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans Retirement has become an increasingly popular topic among state and federal legislatures in the recent years. While 72% of the American workforce has access to a retirement plan, only 56% are enrolled in a plan. Studies say that 22% of Americans have less than $5,000

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IRS Contribution Limits for 2023

IRS Contribution Limits for 2023 Each year, the Internal Revenue Service determines if the contribution limits for things like retirement plans and health savings will increase. Based on cost of living adjustments, the agency recently announced increases to most of these contribution limits. Let’s take a look at the new

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Are retirement contributions pre-tax or post-tax?

Many businesses offer a retirement plan as part of their employee benefits package. In fact, many states are beginning to set up state run retirement programs to allow employees that do not have access to a retirement vehicle the chance to begin investing in their future. While there is no

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Common Retirement Plans

Every American worker would like to retire with a comfortable amount of money at an early age. However, an study suggests that the complete opposite is happening. In fact, the United States is facing a retirement savings crisis. According to the study, 22% of Americans have less than $5,000

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2022 Retirement Contribution Limits

In 2022, employees of businesses that offer retirement plans are eligible to increase their retirement account contributions per the Internal Revenue Service. Every year, the IRS reviews and makes any necessary changes to the contribution limits for retirement plans. These changes are based on the cost-of-living adjustments from the IRS.

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