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restaurant unemployment claim

How can I manage unemployment claims?

There are many challenges to operating a business. Rising product and labor costs, employee turnover rates and additional payroll and HR compliance topics add to the daily headaches of employers and managers.  One added difficulty that many businesses must navigate includes unemployment claims.  Let’s take a look at some tips

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Do nonprofits pay payroll taxes?

Payroll taxes are an employers worst nightmare. Withholding, matching and filing taxes properly can be an administrative burden and costly proposition for all businesses. But, what if your business is a nonprofit organization? Are nonprofits still required to pay payroll taxes? Continue reading for the answer. What is a nonprofit

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How do taxes work for remote employees?

Work from home is here to stay. According to research from Ladders, 25% of workers in North America will be fully remote by the end of 2022. And those figures are projected to increase from there. Business owners often struggle with employee payroll taxes and remote workers increase the compliance

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What is State Unemployment Tax?

Tax compliance is one of the most important responsibilities that new business owners undertake. Every time a business processes payroll, the proper payroll taxes must be withheld from each employee or paid by the employer. Federal Unemployment Tax, or FUTA, and State Unemployment Tax, or SUTA, make up one portion

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what are quarterly tax payments?

What are quarterly payroll taxes?

Every business with at least one employee is obligated to withhold and pay payroll taxes. These taxes are withheld for every employee during each pay period. However, while the taxes are withheld each pay period, typically they are not filed each pay period. Due to the fact that these withholdings

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