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Best small business podcasts

In the world of entrepreneurship, staying informed and inspired is key to success. Continuously learning helps support and grow your business.  This is highlighted by a recent study, showing that around 60% of small business owners and 71% of medium-sized business owners turn to podcasts as a valuable resource. This trend highlights how business podcasts have become essential for entrepreneurs looking to learn and grow. They offer a practical way to gain insights, fitting easily into the busy schedules of business owners.

This article explores the value of business podcasts and introduces some top recommendations, including our new weekly podcast, “Small Business Big World“. Whether you’re looking to solve specific business challenges or seeking fresh ideas for growth, these podcasts provide a range of perspectives and advice.  By the time you finish reading, you will know some of the best podcasts for small businesses as well as have an understanding about our new weekly small business podcast, “Small Business Big World”.

What are the benefits of listening to small business podcasts?

There are many benefits to listening to a podcast geared towards small business owners.  Small business podcasts offer a unique blend of education, inspiration, and practical advice.  Podcasts are great because they are easier to fit into your busy schedule than other types of content like video or blogging. They provide a platform for learning from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders.  These expert typically share their journey, strategies, and tips that are often directly applicable to your own business challenges.

By tuning into these podcasts, you can learn the latest market trends, innovative marketing techniques, financial management, leadership skills, and much more. They serve as a continuous learning resource, keeping you updated and informed about the ever-changing business landscape. Furthermore, podcasts offer a sense of community, connecting you with like-minded individuals and stories that resonate with your own journey.

What are the best podcasts for small businesses?

There are several small businesses podcasts that offer valuable insights and advice. Some of these focus more on a particular topic, like marketing a small business or starting up a small business.  Other podcasts are more of a general small business podcast.  According to us at Paper Trails, here are seven of the best podcasts that every small business owner should consider adding to their playlist:

The $100 MBA Show

This podcast is a godsend for entrepreneurs pressed for time. Hosted by Omar Zenhom, it delivers concise, 10-minute business lessons that are packed with practical, actionable advice. From management tips to marketing strategies, this podcast covers a wide range of topics, all in bite-sized episodes perfect for a busy schedule.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

If you’re looking for motivation, John Lee Dumas’s podcast is the place to be. Featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs, this podcast provides daily inspiration. It covers stories of successes and challenges, giving listeners insights into the real-life experiences of leading entrepreneurs.


Andrew Warner’s Mixergy is where ambitious entrepreneurs go to get inspired. The podcast offers an in-depth look at how successful entrepreneurs built their businesses, with detailed interviews and storytelling. It’s a treasure trove of lessons learned, offering both motivation and practical advice.

The Tim Ferriss Show

While it covers more than just business, Tim Ferriss’s podcast is a goldmine of insights. Ferriss interviews top performers across various fields, from business to sports, and extracts lessons that can be applied to both business and personal life. His innovative approaches and unique interviewing style make this podcast a must-listen.

Marketing School

For those who want to sharpen their marketing skills, Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s podcast is a daily resource of marketing wisdom. The hosts provide actionable marketing advice that small business owners can apply right away. Covering everything from SEO to social media marketing, this podcast is ideal for keeping up with the latest in digital marketing.

How I Built This

This podcast is a journey into the creation of some of the world’s most successful companies. Host Guy Raz interviews founders, uncovering the stories behind their success. It’s a blend of inspiring personal narratives and valuable business insights, perfect for those looking to understand the intricacies of building a successful enterprise.

It’s About Payroll

Hosted by Brian Escobar and Walter William Duncan III, who collectively have over four decades of experience in the payroll industry, this podcast is essential for anyone wanting to navigate the complexities of payroll. “It’s About Payroll” was created to share their extensive knowledge and attract new talent to the payroll field. It’s an excellent resource for understanding the ins and outs of payroll, a crucial aspect of any business.

What is the “Small Business Big World” podcast?

“Small Business Big World” is Paper Trails new weekly podcast tailored specifically for small business owners like you, hosted by our very own Chris Cluff. Each episode is designed to address the unique challenges, stressors, and needs that small business owners face every day in managing and growing a business.

Our podcast provides a platform for discussing a range of topics, from practical management tips and marketing strategies to navigating the complexities of payroll taxes, work-life balance and DEI as an employer. We will bring in experts from various fields, successful entrepreneurs, and even listeners like yourself to share experiences, offer advice, and provide support.  While we at Paper Trails are a payroll and HR provider, and we will definitely be diving into those topics, this podcast covers all things related to being a small business employer.

Through “Small Business Big World,” we aim to build a community where small business owners can find commonalities, inspiration, and practical solutions. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your business, our podcast is here to guide you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey.  Join us every Tuesday starting in March 2024 as we bring our stories and tips to you.


In conclusion, business podcasts are a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration, especially for small business owners. They offer a convenient way to stay informed, motivated, and connected. We encourage you to explore these podcasts and join us on “Small Business Big World” to take your business to new heights.  Contact us here, or at, with questions, feedback, or just to share a story!