Paper Trails

Payroll geared towards professional services & finance

HR and compliance solutions to keep your focus on the job.

Reduce errors, processing time, and risk while improving employee experience.

The last thing you want to deal with internally is compliance. Our solutions reduce the day-to-day burden on your administrative team and allow you to focus on providing client-focused service.
Applicant tracking and paperless new hire onboarding with integrated I9 e-verify.
Integrated, mobile time and time off tracking solutions customized to the needs of each department, including variable pay rates, blended overtime, department and job tracking.
Benefits administration and online open enrollment designed to present the benefits available only to each employee class.
Direct deposit with online and mobile pay stub access.
Labor allocation/department reporting to better manage your expenses and integrate with your general ledger.
Escrow and tax payment of federal and state tax payments to help you manage cash flow and ensure compliance.
Customized manager and supervisor access to assist the HR team in servicing employee needs.
Tracking and reporting of important certification & licensing to maintain compliance.

Access one or as many Paper Trails payroll services as you like

Easy-to-use solutions with online access.

Digital tracking with payroll integration.

Reduce administrative burden, improve financial health, and boost employee satisfaction with an accessible and adaptable expense management process

Real businesses. Real solutions.

The team at Paper Trails keeps my employee experience in line so I can focus on what we do best, digging holes and mowing lawns.

Brian Cloutier, Greenscapes of Maine

The tools that Paper Trails provides to me and my employees improve our HR processes and keeps my team engaged in providing world-class service to our guests.

German Lucarelli, The Lost Fire

Payroll Services

Customized payroll management from local experts who understand Maine business.

Expert and integrated payroll to improve the employee life-cycle.

Collect and manage employee time customized to your needs.

Reduce administrative burden, improve financial health, and boost employee satisfaction with an accessible and adaptable expense process.

Maine payroll and HR services
Maine payroll and HR services

Human Resources Solutions

Straightforward, accessible HR support for businesses like yours.

Online open enrollment and benefits tracking integrated with payroll and your benefits providers.

Dedicated, customized support from a local expert to support your current team and processes.

Attract and hire the best candidates to bolster your team.

You handle the work. We’ll handle the paperwork.

We’ll stay in the weeds to manage your payroll, Human Resources, and compliance needs.
Maine payroll and HR paperwork