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5 features of isolved

5 features of isolved you probably didn’t know you had access to

Businesses should take advantage of the powerful payroll and human capital management (HCM) software options that are available to them. These platforms allow businesses to streamline their payroll and human resource needs efficiently and effectively. isolved is one of these great HCM platforms that Paper Trails leverages to provide its’ clients with the tools necessary to successfully manage their business in this ever-changing world. As a client of Paper Trails, there are many features of isolved that you probably didn’t know you had access to. Let’s take a look at 5 of these features.

5 features of isolved you probably didn’t know you had access to

Below are 5 lesser known features of isolved that you have access to for free!

  • The Employee Marketplace
  • TurboTax Integration
  • License, Certification and Training Tracking
  • HR Support Center
  • MyHrStuff

Let’s take a look at each of these features a little more closely.

The Employee Marketplace

The Employee Marketplace is a brand new feature to the isolved platform! You or your employees can now take advantage of exclusive perks and discounts through thousands of partners at no additional charge. Discover and save on things to do, see, eat or buy:

  • Travel related purchases (lodging, transportation)
  • Events (movies, concerts, sport events)
  • Dining and Wellness access (restaurants, gyms, spas)
  • Electronics (TVs, computers, phones, etc.)
  • Retail & Apparel (clothing, shoes, etc.)

To get started, just register at!  This is another great employee retention tool to help attract talent and retain your top employees.  Give your employees, and any new hires, this instruction sheet to get them started on saving!

TurboTax Integration

Another great new feature of isolved is the integration with TurboTax! This makes the tax filing process quick and easy. If you or your employees use TurboTax to file taxes, this feature will save you time and eliminate potential mistakes. All you have to do is enter the company federal tax ID number into TurboTax, and all of your W-2 information is automatically pulled into TurboTax from isolved. No more manual data entry! There is nothing the employer needs to do to take advantage of this feature, it is already set up for all Paper Trails clients!

License, Certification and Training Tracking

Let’s talk about the human resource management tools within isolved. Many users are unaware of an important tracking feature in the system. This feature allows employers to track mandatory employee licenses, certifications or trainings. For example, a restaurant business would want to track their employee’s ServSafe certifications. Another example would be a healthcare facility wanting to keep a record of employee CPR trainings. These items can be logged into the system with an expiration date that allows employers to receive notifications when these items are close to expiring. Check out this document for more help on using this feature!

HR Support Center

An extremely useful resource that Paper Trails clients have access to is the HR Support Center. The HR Support Center is an easy, efficient solution to help you manage your HR compliance and employee relations issues. On this site, clients have access to help videos, HR forms, checklists, guides, and more for unlimited use.

MyHrStuff is a tool for business owners, managers, and employees. This is the adaptive employee experience (AEE) where anyone within the company can manage their personal payroll and HR needs. Through My HR Stuff, employees can complete the following tasks, saving your HR department and managers valuable time:

  • view and print paystubs
  • view and print W2 and other year-end tax forms
  • change personal information
  • update direct deposit information
  • punch in and out
  • request and view time off
  • view schedules
  • complete employee onboarding
  • enroll in benefits
  • view and submit expense reimbursements
  • access the Employee Marketplace
  • and more!

If you or your employees are not using this tool, now is the time to start! Empower your employees to take control of their own HR needs.