What is isolved?

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What is isolved?

isolved is a dynamic HR platform that Paper Trails uses to provide people-first human capital management and payroll services. This platform assists Paper Trails and its’ clients in automating human resource tasks to help employers manage employees. 

How can employers use isolved?

Using an HCM platform can help streamline a businesses human resource tasks. isolved is a centralized place for business owners, HR directors, or office managers to perform all HR tasks including things like:

  • processing payroll
  • managing employees time and attendance
  • managing benefits administration
  • onboarding new employees
  • posting an employee or companywide schedule
  • tracking and recruiting applicants to new positions
  • managing the books easily and efficiently 

Having a platform that can allow a business to complete all these tasks in one centralized place, saves a business owner both time and money.

How can employees use isolved?

The employees of businesses using the isolved platform get to manage their HR functions from myhrstuff.com. HR tasks that employees can perform include:

  • Reviewing pay stubs and W2 information
  • Updating personal data including their direct deposit accounts
  • Clocking in and out
  • Reviewing their schedule
  • Requesting time off
  • Enrolling in and managing their benefits choices
  • And so much more!

By having a system where employees have access right in the palm of their hands, normally complicated HR tasks are done efficiently and effectively.

Why choose a HCM software like isolved?

Having an all-inclusive software to handle all of your payroll and HR needs is very beneficial to your business. Being able to perform all HR tasks on one integrated platform saves your business time and money. Giving your employees access to their paystubs, PTO, and more not only enhances employee engagement, it allows your managers the freedom to work the business. If your business is looking for a HCM platform to help automate your HR tasks, feel free to contact us!

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