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company-paid life insurance

What is company-paid life insurance?

For small business owners and HR managers, offering any type of fringe benefits to employees is a strategic move. Not only does it enhance job satisfaction and employee retention, but it can also give your company a competitive edge in the hiring market. Among the benefits considered, company-paid life insurance

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

What is Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

In the dynamic world of business, employers wear many hats. From innovators and leaders to mentors and decision-makers, their roles are vast and varied. Yet, amidst all these responsibilities, there’s one aspect of business ownership that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late: the legal vulnerabilities associated with employment practices.

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Types of business insurances

Types of business insurances As with personal insurance protection, Maine employers should consider several types of insurance for their business. These insurances protect businesses against a variety of common claims, from a customer slipping and falling on a shop floor to an employee becoming injured on the job. Let’s take

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