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Beneficial Ownership Reporting

What is the Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Rule?

In the vast landscape of regulatory compliance, small businesses need to stay informed about the latest rules and requirements that can impact their operations. One such regulation that has garnered attention in recent times is the Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Rule. One of our goals at Paper Trails is to

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What is COBRA?

What is COBRA?

Federal and state regulations present ongoing challenges for employers. Depending on the number of employees, businesses must adhere to various mandates. In this article, we will explore a specific challenge related to federal legislation that employers face. Let’s delve into what COBRA entails and discover how employers can navigate it.

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Maine severance pay

What are the changes to Maine severance pay?

There are many labor law challenges that Maine employers must be aware of and stay in compliance with.  Businesses of certain sizes must adhere to certain requirements. One of these laws has to do with severance pay.  Recently, Maine legislatures made updates to Maine severance pay.  Let’s take a look

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Maine’s Retirement Savings Program

On June 24, 2021, Maine’s government signed An Act to Promote Individual Retirement Savings through a Public-Private Partnership into law. Created to help against the growing retirement crisis in Maine and across the United States, this act makes Maine the latest state to require certain employers to either provide an

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Financing options after PPP Loan

I’m getting a PPP Loan – How do I handle the money!?

Congratulations! You’ve applied for and are set to receive funds from the CARES Act’s Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Loan. Every bank is handling funds differently, but we know that some of you have already received a deposit for the total loan amount! In order for the loan to be forgiven,

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COVID Cares Act

Coronavirus Legislative Relief Update 3/27

It’s been another crazy week in Washington & Augusta. We’ve received a little more guidance on how to handle things, but we still don’t have answers to all of the pressing questions everyone is asking (how do I get my tax credits/money now!!!???). Families First Coronavirus Response Act Department of

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Sick leave

Sick Leave & FMLA Tracking and Reimbursement

Last week, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was signed into law. We’ve had a few days to digest this new law, and how it will impact you. There are still a few unknowns, but here is what we know right now. All provisions below become effective April 2nd and expire December

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DOL Releases Final Salary/Overtime Rule

The Department of Labor has announced the new minimum salary for certain exempt white collar employees. The final rule is very close to the proposed rule we reported on in March. The new minimums will take effect January 1, 2020.

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