Paper Trails

Tools Paper Trails clients have access to

Paper Trails prides itself on providing world class service to its’ clients. As part of this service, we provide businesses with access to a number of helpful business tools. These resources are free and help businesses manage their payroll and HR needs efficiently and effectively. Below is the full list of tools Paper Trails clients have access to and how each one can help your business thrive.

Tools clients have access to

Taking advantage of the following tools can benefit your business by reducing administrative burden and maintaining compliance. These resources assist in teaching you about running your business and help guide your business as you grow!

My HR Stuff is a tool for business owners, managers, and employees. This is the adaptive employee experience (AEE) where anyone within the company can manage their personal payroll and HR needs. The following tasks can be completed on My HR Stuff:

  • view and print paystubs
  • view and print W2 and other year-end tax forms
  • change personal information
  • update direct deposit information
  • punch in and out
  • request and view time off
  • view schedules
  • complete employee onboarding
  • enroll in benefits
  • view and submit expense reimbursements
  • and more!

If you or your employees are not using this tool, now is the time to start! The AEE will save your managers and supervisors time and empower your employees to take control of their own HR needs.

isolved University

The isolved University is a great tool for business owners and management staff that is involved in the payroll process. On the isolved University, there are a ton of wonderful classes that will help you navigate the isolved system. Generally, these classes are short and full of helpful information.

HR Support Center

Another extremely useful resource that Paper Trails clients have access to is the HR Support Center. The HR Support Center is an easy, efficient solution to help you manage your HR compliance and employee relations issues. On this site, clients have access to help videos, HR forms, checklists, guides, and more for unlimited use.

Paper Trails Website Resources

There are many resources available on our website. The isolved help page provides help with logging in and using some of the features of isolved. Our blog is updated frequently with the latest legislative updates and helpful business tips. Additionally, clients can register for upcoming webinars or download our latest electronic guides or labor law posters.

The Work Number by Equifax

A new integration that Paper Trails offers is the The Work Number by Equifax. The Work Number from Equifax is an automated Income and Employment Verification Service that instantly provides proof of income and employment for employees to help them qualify for loans, credit, and public aid. By integrating with The Work Number, many of these employment verifications will be automated, and managers will no longer be required to complete them manually. This is a time-saving tool for our clients!

Benefit and Insurance Integrations

Our clients can take advantage of our relationships with a handful of wonderful partners that we integrate with to make your payroll experience as smooth as possible. For example, our integration with Human Interest, a leading 401(k) provider, or MEMIC, one of the workers’ compensation insurance companies that we partner with, eliminates your manual processes and simplifies your tracking and reporting obligations. Please reach out to us for more information about our partner integrations.