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What are the HR features of isolved?

Human resources and payroll are both complicated processes. Many businesses struggle to keep up with changes in local and federal legislation and the evolving compliance challenges. Automating your human resources is a great way to assist you in managing your employees and their needs. The isolved HCM platform is a powerful software that provides the necessary tools to set up your business for long-term success. Let’s take a look at the HR features within isolved.

HR features of isolved

isolved has many features within the system to help your human resource department. These features include:

  • Customizable payroll process
  • Applicant tracking and hiring
  • Electronic employee onboarding
  • Timekeeping and time off tracking
  • Schedule builder and team calendars
  • Benefits enrollment and administration
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Certification, trainings, and license tracking
  • Adaptive employee experience portal
Customizable payroll process

With isolved, employers can setup their payroll management process in the manner in which it suits their business. Businesses can use features such as manual payroll entry, direct deposit, or live check and W2 printing. Employee garnishments, contributions, and deductions can be configured to accurately track those items. Payroll tax liabilities can be automatically calculated and withheld by the system. Additionally, there are an abundance of reporting options built in the system to provide employers the insights they are looking for.

Applicant tracking and hiring

Job openings can be posted online and pushed out to other platforms such as Monster and Indeed. Job descriptions can be customized to ensure you are attracting and hiring the right applicants. Candidates can quickly and easily upload resumes and apply for jobs. Certain tools allow managers to schedule interviews, rate applicants, and present job offers all within the system.

Employee onboarding

Electronic employee onboarding within isolved reduces your administrative burden. Once hired within the system, the new employee’s information will flow into the onboarding process. The employee can onboard from their mobile device, tablet, or desktop. Furthermore, they can electronically complete the state and federal W4’s, the Form I-9, and any additional company policies or handbooks that need to be signed.

Timekeeping and time off tracking

Mobile or physical time clock options are available with direct integration into payroll. Employees can clock in and out on their phone. The time off tools allow employees to track time off balances and put in requests with ease. Alerts can be customized to allow managers to be notified about important updates such as when employees punch in late, forget to punch out, are approaching overtime, or request time off.

Schedule builder and team calendars

isolved features an integrated schedule builder. Approved time off requests will flow into the builder for managers to create accurate schedules. The schedule tool can be tailored to your specific needs. Only employees with certain skills or licenses can be schedule for particular departments or shifts. Shifts can be picked up, dropped, or traded between employees with manager approval requirements. Team, department, or company wide calendars can are created to provide a visual of upcoming schedules.

Benefits enrollment and administration

Another great feature within isolved is the benefits tool. Your plan options can be customized to your benefit eligibility requirements. Employees can enroll from their phone, tablet, or desktop. Any updates to enrollment or contribution amounts are seamlessly integrated on the payroll side to maintain accurate and compliant benefit administration. Additionally, a benefit reporting tool provides a wide selection of reports for managers and business owners.

Expense reimbursements

It is easier than ever to manage expenses with isolved. The expense tool allows employees to input their own expenses and upload receipts. Managers then approve or deny expenses based on the information provided to them. Approved expenses are paid out on the very next payroll, so employees don’t have to wait to see their money. Subsequently, employee morale is boosted with this tool. Expense management will improve your business’ financial health by organizing and streamlining the process.

Certification, trainings, and license tracking

Each industry requires different skills of its’ workforce. Employees may need to have a particular certification or license to be eligible for employment in your company. isolved allows you to upload those certifications and licenses or put notes in for employees that have completed required trainings. Alerts can be configured to notify employees and managers when those certification, licenses, and trainings are about to expire.

Adaptive employee experience portal

Employees have a web portal through This adaptive employee experience tool allows employees to manage all of their HR needs. First, this is where employees clock in and out. Next, employees can update their personal information or direct deposit accounts here. Third, employee onboarding and benefit enrollment take place in this portal. In addition, employees submit their time off requests or expense reimbursements through the adaptive employee experience. This is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for managers and employees that makes isolved a great software for any business.